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Mar 01, 2024 ConnectPay

Words of Wisdom from the Women of ConnectPay

Words of Wisdom from the Women of ConnectPay

March is Women's History Month! ConnectPay wouldn't be the company that it is without our team of dedicated women working diligently to care for our clients and community. Looking for first-hand career and life advice that's been put to the test by our powerful team of dedicated women? We've got you covered! 

From advice on setting and managing career goalsto non-negotiables like purse snacks—and even how to maintain close, personal relationships— our ladies put together a list of our tried and true insights. Happy Women's History Month! 

What's the best piece of advice another woman has given you?

“Be certain to find balance between work and your personal life. While at work, give it your all and be productive to make a difference. At home, commit to your family, your wellbeing and be present. Be there to always support one another and to have others to celebrate the success with.  Life is short.”
– Gretchen Ozerities, Talent Manager

"Don't compare yourself to others. Your strengths and weaknesses are your own, and you have your own path to pave."
- Marissa Hays, Operations Team

"My grandmother always told us: a young lady always needs three things in her purse, $5 just in case, a pen, and a snack (she loves peanut butter crackers so much!) At my brothers wedding, the Father of the Bride speech went over 15 mins and in the middle of it she pulled out her bag and offered me the crackers! She's always prepared! p.s. - Due to inflation, she's since modified $5 to $20."
- Rachael Ermatinger, Marketing Team

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"To always make time to care for yourself. You can't take care of others if you don't take care of yourself. Another important piece of advice I received is that you never know what someone is going through. They could be going through a tough time with a medical condition or a situation in their personal just never know."
- Janet Burke, Talent Team

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"Success and failure are just parts of the journey. What counts is your courage to keep moving forward despite obstacles. Stay resilient, stay determined, and see setbacks as chances to learn and grow. Your unwavering resolve will lead you to success."
- Suzanne Hill, Operations Team

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"As a strong and smart woman herself, my former manager saw the strong, smart, and confident woman inside of me long before I saw it. She would tell me all the time about this woman that I couldn't see. Then one day I saw her too."
- Tracy Card, Sales Team

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"Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes. Thanks for that one Mom, love you!" - Erin Crowley, Marketing Team

What advice would you give to your younger self just starting out in your career?

"Don't try to be a superwoman. It's impossible to achieve perfection in every aspect of your life."
- Janet Burke, Talent Team

"Be patient in climbing the ladder because learning every step of the way is what builds you for success."
- Jessalyn Mann, Operations Team

"You are smart and you are beautiful."
Tracy Card, Sales Team

How do you define success?

"Building strong relationships with people that you can rely on."
- Rachael Ermatinger, Marketing Team

“Not by the ladder that is climbed but by the amount of happiness that is in the most important parts of your life!
– Carmella Wilkie, Payroll Specialist

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"Doing your best and feeling your best while learning new things and helping others along the way."
- Marissa Hays, Operations Team

“Success is something which measures or explains, at the end of the day, how much helpful was I to others.”
– Kavitha Kabbur, Developer

"Professionally, I define success as going home at the end of the day feeling like I have made an impact...either by helping someone or solving a problem. Personally, I define success as seeing my children grow into happy, successful adults."
- Janet Burke, Operations Team

"Success is paved with perseverance, fueled by passion, and guided by integrity. It's the realization of goals, tempered by lessons learned along the way, and measured not just in accomplishments, but in the positive impact made on oneself and others."
- Suzanne Hill, Operations Team

"Happiness within yourself as well as in family and friends."
- Joyce Gatto, Tax Team

"To achieve success: do what you dream."
- Indumathi Vasudevan, Development Team

"Success to me is when I can lift others up. I love to make lives better. Who can I help today?"
- Tracy Card, Sales Team

“When any job is done with passion, focus and hard work, success is obvious!”
– Surekha Srinivasan, Developer

Tell us about some of the women who have supported you on your career track.

"I have to give a shoutout to Nancy Wilson-our Operations Manager here at the Colorado office. I aspire for her patience and empathy toward all people." - Melissa Reinhart, Operations Team

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"To put it simply; through all of it. Other women have always given me support and confidence in the many paths I have taken throughout my career."
- Joyce Gatto, Tax Team

"When I worked back in India for HCL, I worked with a colleague and friend, Deepa Anand: she supported me and encouraged me to take responsibilities and lead the team. I took her advice and it led me to  my first international travel experience in Copenhagen, Denmark."
- Indumathi Vasudevan, Development Team

"There are a handful of women I work with that are extra special to me. We mentor each other regularly. We give each other a safe space to be ourselves when challenges arise."
- Melissa Link, Operations Team

Tell us about some of the women who have supported you in your personal life. 

"My Mother was a 1970's super mom raising two kids while working full time and doing accounting for my dad's business too. She still made us dinner and had us in bed by 9pm. My mentor."
- Melissa Reinhart, Operations Team

"My sister is my biggest support system. She is simply always there to listen and give advice. She never tells me what she would do, she just presents the options and supports my decisions."
- Rachael Ermatinger, Marketing Team

"I have a great group of girlfriends who have always supported my decisions and been there for me in good times and bad."
- Janet Burke, Talent Team

"I have been supported by family and friends showing me love, support and kindness when you need it most. Working, raising a family and wearing many hats can definitely beat you down at times."
- Joyce Gatto, Tax Team

"There were many women have supported in my personal life especially my mom and sister to mention. Whenever I am stressed out they are the listeners."
- Indumathi Vasudevan, Development Team

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