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Core Payroll
Starting at

$30 per payroll

  • Direct Deposits
  • Online Employee Portal
  • Federal & State Tax Filing
  • Quarterly & Annual Reporting

Get everything you need to run payroll and nothing that you don’t.

You know your business best. So we help you decide what online payroll functionality you need.

NO upsells. NO one-size-fits-all products. Just payroll software tailored to your unique needs.


Personalized Support

Our personalized support system assigns you a local Connected Service Rep who knows you and your business and will support all of your payroll needs.  No more call centers.

Digital Pay Stubs

Replace wasteful paper statements, avoid lost payments, and make payday easier on your employees with secure, online pay stubs and free direct deposit.

Simplified Reporting

Run reports like year-to-date payroll details, payroll runs, and more with easy-to-use reporting and customizable fields to fit your needs.

Automated Pay and Compliance Updates

Never fear the IRS again. We guarantee that federal, state, and local payroll taxes are always filed on time. If they're not, any IRS fees or fines are on us. 

Workers' Comp

With our Connected Payroll model, we seamlessly integrate your plan with our payroll, giving you the ability to pay as you go.
Learn more about our Workers' Comp integrations.


Intuitive Time and Attendance

Monitoring employee attendance and time tracking shouldn't be time-intensive. Now you can easily track employee attendance, vacation time, and sick days.

Don't take our word for it. See what small business owners like you have to say about working with ConnectPay.

"ConnectPay simply cares about your business, they treat you like a partner not a client. ConnectPay is focused on small and medium sized businesses, able to create real value by simplifying all things payroll, allowing you to focus on growing your business."

Jim Barton

“When we transitioned to ConnectPay, I did not go along happily because I thought my situation was fine. Much to my surprise, my Connected Rep made my job so much easier. He took the time to learn about our office, provides various options to situations I’ve had, and never gave me the feeling that a question was unnecessary."

Jennifer Perry

“Everyone I deal with at ConnectPay is so patient and helps me navigate through any problems I’ve had doing manual checks for 3 years. The system is very user friendly and our taxes are done in a timely manner, even working directly with my bookkeeper.”

Rich Bond

“Over the years with ConnectPay, the checks come on time so I know what to expect. My dedicated connected rep has been on top of everything and responds immediately if I have a question, so I consider her a part of my inner circle.”

Mike Colombo

“My old time clock was limited to only a single workstation and employees never had insight into how many hours they worked until they saw it on their pay stub. Your Web Clock changed all of this. The system is flexible so I can easily make edits for missed punches."

Mary Toffoloni

“Using Connectpay has saved me time and aggravation and allowed me not to prepay my Workers’ Compensation and have to file for a refund.”

Brian Bernard
connected guide
There's a better way to do payroll.

Download the FREE Connected Guide to Small Business Payroll to learn how to optimize 6 Pillars of Payroll so you can save yourself time and money.

Never worry about the IRS again.

Get automated payroll tax processing.

Spend less time worrying about your taxes and more time focusing on growing your business.  We automatically process your payroll and record all taxes paid throughout the year. We can also automatically process tax payments. We guarantee that your payroll taxes are filed correctly and on-time. If not, we'll pay the IRS fees.

payroll taxes
pre tax-benefits section 125

Pre-tax benefits for you and your employees.

We keep you covered, compliant and in control through Section 125. Your employees will enjoy paying for qualified benefit premiums before taxes are deducted from their checks. Plus, you can pre-qualify for:

  • Insurance (Health, Life, Dental, Vision and Disability)
  • Retirement
  • Spending Accounts (HSA, FSA)
  • Commuter Plans (Transit Pass & Parking)

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, while we have an agreement that covers the responsibilities of each party, there is no duration to this agreement. However, switching payroll should always be done on the quarter to coincide with the 941 report if possible. Switching on the quarter simplifies reporting with tax agencies, making it least likely to generate a tax notice.

What tax forms will ConnectPay file for me?

What tax forms will ConnectPay file for me?

ConnectPay will handle and file all Federal Tax forms as well as State Unemployment and State Income Taxes. We also support the growing list of Paid Family Medical Leaves at the state level. In addition, some jurisdictions have local taxes that we support.

How hard is it to switch from my existing payroll provider?

How hard is it to switch from my existing payroll provider?

Our Connected Payroll Representatives work very hard with our onboarding team to ensure switching is as smooth as possible. To facilitate the transition, it is important to have access to your Unemployment and State Department of Revenue accounts.

What happens if my workforce changes throughout the year?

What happens if my workforce changes throughout the year?

Our systems are designed for flexibility. We can adapt to when and how often you need to process payroll, as well as add or remove employees from your payroll as the situation arises.

Can I add or remove additional services at any time?

Can I add or remove additional services at any time?

Yes, you can add or remove services by contacting your Connected Service Representative.

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Optimize your business with the 6 Pillars of Payroll Checklist

The 6 pillars of payroll checklist has actionable tips on lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and improving compliance through payroll processes.