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One core issue plagues the payroll industry:
poor service.

Thousands of reviews of other payroll providers are for 1-star service:

ConnectPay reviews

“Over the years with ConnectPay, the checks come on time so I know what to expect. My dedicated connected rep has been on top of everything and responds immediately if I have a question, so I consider her a part of my inner circle.”

Testimonials-_0003_Mike Colombo
Mike Colombo
Real competitor reviews

"Do not sign up for this service. When you need support you will find out their only option is a chat window that takes hours to get into and then the people respond so slowly a simple problem takes hours to get through."

ConnectPay reviews

“Absolutely happy to have made the switch from Paychex. I now have great customer service, someone always answers the phone and answers my questions quickly. The service is smooth, seamless and very user friendly!”

Testimonials-_0002_Jenifer Perry
Jenifer Perry
Real competitor reviews

"I have to wait 20-30 minutes before I get to talk to a live person. Once I get that person, they either can't answer my question or transfer me to other units until my phone is cut off. I am really frustrated with their service. I did not get my answer until I got on the phone with a manager."

ConnectPay reviews

“Using Connectpay has saved me time and aggravation and allowed me not to prepay my Workers’ Compensation and have to file for a refund.”

Testimonials-_0004_Brian Bernard
Brian Bernard
Real competitor reviews

"...they have been rude and unresponsive & unable to explain errors that have occurred. I would definitely not recommend them."

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Large payroll companies think you’re locked into their
services because you’re too afraid to switch.

They’re banking on three main points.
Payroll mistakes can be expensive, so you’re not willing to risk going it alone.
Small businesses don’t have the capacity to understand the IRS’s legal jargon and fear the IRS’s fees and penalties associated.
Switching payroll and HR providers is a challenge in itself and a looming struggle for those wishing to switch.
In reality

The cost of NOT switching services can be more costly than sticking with the one you have.

How well does your current payroll provider perform?

Do they deliver responsive service? Provide a tax department that follows up on stage changes everywhere you are? Provide expert referrals for things like HR, Workers' Comp, and 401ks?

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The 6 Pillars of Payroll

Streamline business operations so you can
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Payroll providers promise an all-in-one experience.

They sell you on HR services, 401ks, Workers' Comp, and more. Because you’re working with one company, it should be smooth and efficient, right? Wrong. 

Many payroll providers give you...

A 1-size solution that doesn’t meet your company’s needs, trapping you in a system that’s difficult to switch away from.

Service through siloed departments forcing you to manage problems because their internal teams don’t talk.

Confusing professional services where you’re expected to understand local compliance because they’re outside the region.

What if your payroll provider focused on payroll?

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  • What if you never had to explain an issue multiple times, waiting weeks for a resolution?
  • What if your payroll provider is liable to you for any mistakes, fees, or fines from the IRS?
  • What if you get connected with local experts for the best solutions for your needs. No more upsells on in-house solutions?
Why ConnectPay

ConnectPay delivers the connections for your business to run like a well-oiled machine.

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Streamline business operations
so you can go home on time.

Optimize your business with the 6 Pillars of Payroll Checklist

The 6 pillars of payroll checklist has actionable tips on lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and improving compliance through payroll processes.