Answers to payroll questions
when you need them

The number one thing CPAs want from payroll companies is to answer the phone and answer their question.  That’s why we assign our most experienced Payroll Specialists to our CPA relationships. 
Every client has a CPA and every CPA matters to us.

How we work with CPAs

CPAs are a vitally important contributor to their clients' growth and success.
Your voice carries tremendous weight and business owners rely on you for their most important decisions.
That’s why we have prioritized CPAs in our client service model.

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We always pick up the phone

Business owners are best served when their company is a valued client - that's why we always answer the phone. At ConnectPay, we only serve small businesses, so every client is a valued client, and they get treated that way.  All of your clients will have the same Payroll Specialist so that when you need something, you have a direct line to someone familiar with your clients’ accounts to help.

Tax department

When a question involves tax or another technical area of payroll, you won’t have to navigate an automated phone tree or figure out which department to call.  You always start with your Payroll Specialist, who will communicate with our in house tax department to get your question answered as quickly as possible.


What we

One differentiator between ConnectPay and other payroll providers is that we don’t try to sell your clients other services. Since we ONLY offer payroll, we aren’t calling your clients to offer them insurance, 401(k) management, PEOs, or anything else. If your revenue is bolstered by offering wealth management or insurance services, we’re here to support you, not compete!

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Benefits to your clients

We love small business.

No company is too small for ConnectPay. Small business is the lifeblood of the American economy and we’re here to support them the best way we know how. 

Dedicated service

We offer payroll service with service at the center of everything. It starts with proper onboarding and payroll set-up. Doing this step right prevents problems, which is best for everyone!  Once a business chooses ConnectPay, they tend to stay with us for more than a decade!

Lasting Relationships

Both the company and their CPA are assigned the same ConnectPay Client Success Manager.  That triangle relationship allows us to form lasting relationships and provide solutions to any issue while easily communicating with everyone along the way.


Technology is a tool. Our proprietary payroll platform is built to fulfill the needs of small businesses. It’s easy to navigate, allows them to fully-manage their payroll from anywhere, and has the features they need without distracting features they don’t.

Simple Data Imports | GL Integration
File Sharing | Automated Tax Payments
Customized Reporting Tools



Ways to work together

Nearly every CPA firm gets involved with their clients’ payroll.  With ConnectPay, you decide what that relationship looks like:


Clients in common

From our very first shared client, you get our best service. Get access to your CPA Client Dashboard, call your experienced Payroll Specialist whenever you need answers, access our Education Center, and more!

Use ConnectPay for payroll processing

When you refer a client to us, you can do so with the confidence that we’ll provide high-level service, guidance and knowledge. We’re committed to supporting CPAs to be the best advisors to their clients. Contact us to talk about your clients and how we can work together.

Sell your payroll book of business

Many CPA firms that have been offering payroll services to clients are now feeling the need to focus on their core services. Contact us to get a free valuation of your payroll book of business.

CPA Resource Articles

Improve your advisory practices with payroll


Expanding your payroll knowledge makes your advisory practices even more valuable for businesses. When CPAs make it easy to do everything from hiring their first employee to managing the payroll transition after acquiring another company, clients stay happy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions from our CPA community.

Who do I call when I have a question?
We do our best to assign you one Payroll Specialist who helps all of your clients.  This way you have just one person to call for anything you need. Our team answers the phone during business hours and you’ll never get voicemail or an automated phone directory.
How do I get answers to payroll tax questions?
If your Payroll Specialist can’t answer a technical tax question, they’ll conference-in our tax department to help get your question answered in just one phone call.
Are you going to bother me during tax season?
No!  Our sales team may try to stop by with a basket of goodies for your team, but we won’t pester you when your clients need you most.
Are you going to sell my clients other services?
No.  Since we only do payroll, we’d have nothing else to sell. ConnectPay is a great match for CPA firms that offer wealth management, 401(k) management, insurance or other advisory services, because we won’t compete for that revenue.
Are my clients too small to get good service?
We’re built for small businesses! ConnectPay works best with America’s small businesses, and no company is too small. We love handling everything from S-Corps  and up!
How do you manage client onboarding?
Proper onboarding is a critical component of good client service.  With thoughtful and well-executed onboarding, we prevent problems, making the payroll experience a positive one for the company and their CPA. If you transfer your entire payroll book of business, we help you every step of the way including customized communications for your clients. 
Why is ConnectPay the best payroll provider for my clients?
Your clients don’t need the Big 4 and they don’t need the big payroll companies.  ConnectPay is built for small businesses with dedicated Payroll Specialist who answer the phones during business hours to get questions answered in one call, technology that’s focused on their needs, and no sales call to get them to buy additional HR or benefits services.


Let's Connect

We know no payroll solution can be one-size-fits-all. Decide whether you want to use our software to process your clients' payroll, or hand the payroll reins over to us altogether.

Either way, we'll be happy to have your business on the team.

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