Optimize your Business with the 6 Pillars of Payroll

This checklist explores exciting tips for small business to:

  • Lower Costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve compliance
  • And much more

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What ConnectPay customers are saying:

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"ConnectPay simply cares about your business, they treat you like a partner not a client. ConnectPay is focused on small and medium sized businesses, able to create real value by simplifying all things payroll, allowing you to focus on growing your business."

Jim Barton
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“Everyone I deal with at ConnectPay is so patient and helps me navigate through any problems I’ve had doing manual checks for 3 years. The system is very user-friendly and our taxes are done in a timely manner, even working directly with my bookkeeper.”

Rich Bond
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“Over the years with ConnectPay, the checks come on time so I know what to expect. My dedicated connected rep has been on top of everything and responds immediately if I have a question, so I consider her a part of my inner circle.”

Testimonials-_0003_Mike Colombo
Mike Colombo
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“My old time clock was limited to only a single workstation and employees never had insight into how many hours they worked until they saw it on their pay stub. Your Web Clock changed all of this. The system is flexible so I can easily make edits for missed punches."

Testimonials-_0005_Mary Toffoloni
Mary Toffoloni