When you take care of your people,
they take care of you.

From reviewing applications to onboarding new hires and answering your everyday questions, ConnectPay helps you stay compliant. That way you can take care of your business’s most important resource: your people.

Track, train, and manage all aspects of your growing team with ConnectPay HR Solutions.

Hire the right people.

Filter applicants by qualification and customize job listings for specific talent with the Applicant Tracking.

  • Run rapid or detailed background checks with guaranteed accuracy.
  • Verify criminal, employment history, and more while remaining FCRA-compliant.
  • Protect your employees and keep your business running smoothly.
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Onboard with ease.

Create employee handbooks with comprehensive policies, procedures and core values so you can build a culture of excellence.

  • Assign tasks to new hires online before their first day.
  • Keep track of necessary paperwork with automated checklists.
  • Stay up-to-date-with compliance management tools.

Protect yourself and your people.

Small business HR Compliance is a big deal. Reduce your risk, avoid costly litigation, maintain compliance and focus on your day-to-day needs with the ConnectPay HR Resource Center.

Trusted Guidance

Unlimited answers to HR and employment-related questions to help with day-to-day issues and more.
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On-Demand Training

Online training courses, available for both supervisors and employees.

Up-to-Date Resources

Up-to-date federal and state-specific posters, a handbook builder, and more.

Get a FREE trial of the ConnectPay HR Resources Center when you become a ConnectPay customer.

Every ConnectPay customer will receive several months of free access to our HR Portal. Contact us for a free demo to see just how this program can help you run your business. Click on the button below, schedule an appointment and we will be in touch with you shortly.

See why our customers LOVE our HR Solutions.

The ConnectPay HR Resource Center is very impressive. It is very user-friendly. It is so easy to ask a, HR related question. The information they provide is quite valuable. The Resources tab has so much wonderful information. I plan to use this daily.

HR Administrator
Business Services

This is an excellent resource. I am especially interested in the Handbook Builder and the Online Training, as they would be a nice addition to our on-boarding process. I think this is a great resource.

Small Business Owner

It's nice to have one-stop shopping with the ConnectPay HR Resource Center and not have to look all over Google where you get tons of garbage before you can find what you are looking for. Everything is here, updates on laws, wage info, a Handbook Builder.

Benefits Specialist

Take care of your people, take care of your business.

  1. An expert-guided business review to identify gaps and opportunities in your HR process.
  2. Tailored connections and optimizations so your business operations flow seamlessly.
  3. 7-day premium onboarding with Connected Rep guidance and support.

Get connected with an HR representative.

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Streamline business operations
so you can go home on time.

Optimize your business with the 6 Pillars of Payroll Checklist

The 6 pillars of payroll checklist has actionable tips on lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and improving compliance through payroll processes.