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time and attendance

Don't waste time tracking time.

OnTheClock’s comprehensive time and attendance solution reduces administration headaches, saves money and eliminates “time theft.” With our OnTheClock integration, you can easily:

  • Allow staff to clock in and out from any authorized computer, phone or tablet
  • Monitor punches with GPS-accurate mobile tracking
  • Manage overtime, time off and sick days under one unified system
  • Log time, approve payroll and search records online
  • Ensure audit-proof compliance and simplify ACA reporting

Take control of your time.

When we integrate your payroll and time clock, you get back to your business faster. Download our OnTheClock Solutions Guide to learn how. 

"ConnectPay is a great resource for our time clock users to effectively integrate time card data, improve accuracy and streamline the payroll process.”
Tim Glendenning, Marketing Manager, OnTheClock