Time & Attendance

Time is money, so track it wisely.

Our comprehensive time and attendance integration reduces administrative headaches and eliminates “time theft.”

time and attendance

We help you focus your time and energy on your business.

Integrating your payroll and time clock means your attention can stay squarely on running your business.

Time well-tracked is time well-spent.

Our time tracking software integrates seamlessly with your payroll system.



  • Allow staff to clock in and out from any authorized computer, phone or tablet
  • Monitor punches with GPS-accurate mobile tracking
  • Manage overtime, time off and sick days under one unified system
  • Log time, approve payroll and search records online
  • Ensure audit-proof compliance and simplify ACA reporting

This isn't your father's old-fashioned punch clock.

We taught our time & attendance software a few tricks. Here’s what you don’t need to worry about anymore 👉

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All data in our time clock integration is encrypted to protect you and your employees.  Certain features also use biometric scans to verify identity and protect you from “buddy-punching.”


You can also allow staff to clock in and out from authorized computers, phones or tablets, record employee punch GPS locations, restrict punching based on GPS locations, and implement device, IP, and geo-fencing authorization.

Mobile Access

Your employees also have access to your time clock via app or web browser. They can clock in via their mobile phone if they're in another office or working remotely.

Uncomplicate your time & attendance tracking

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"My old time clock was limited to a single workstation and employees never had insight into how many hours they worked until they saw it on their pay stub.

Your Web Clock changed all of this.

The system is flexible so I can easily make edits for missed punches."

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Mary Toffoloni

Now is the time to enhance your time & attendance capabilities!