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Aug 29, 2023 ConnectPay

Remember The Paymaster?

Remember The Paymaster?

In 1888—long before Swipeclock—employees were clocking in and out manually using time-tracking tools like the Dial Recorder Clock. This manual tool tracked employees' hours so administrative clerks could run payroll. The Paymaster printed live checks up until the late twentieth century when recognizable tools like Direct Deposit and debit cards replaced it.

These days we rely on automated time-tracking solutions and our Proprietary payroll software to pay our employees accurately and on time. To celebrate National Payroll Week, we thought it'd be a powerful exercise to look back at the history of payroll tools to celebrate how far our industry has come!


We caught up with our CEO Michael Young for a quick history lesson on the Dial Recorder Clock and the Paymaster. Watch and learn! 


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Published by ConnectPay August 29, 2023