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Jul 27, 2021 ConnectPay

Professional Payroll Services for Small Business: What You Should Know

Professional Payroll Services for Small Business: What You Should Know

Payroll service done right can make payroll feel invisible.

When done correctly, you and your employees should rarely have to think about your payroll services. The process is supposed to be seamless - employee hours are logged and reported either by calling, emailing, or logging into the program and entering the numbers. Then, the correct payments hit the right accounts on time.

It should be that easy.

When payroll becomes visible, it’s usually because there’s a problem. And it’s when problems arise that a great payroll service really shines.

Professional payroll services can save a small business a ton of time, money, and frustration, especially if you choose the right partner. When a problem does arise, a good payroll provider will work to help you resolve it as quickly as possible.

So, how do you determine if one professional payroll service is a good fit for your company over another?

Professional Payroll Services for Small Business

As a small business-focused payroll service provider, we understand the obstacles small businesses face and their frustrations with payroll as well. If you have questions about payroll, we would be happy to help. It’s as easy as scheduling a call with one of our representatives.

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Here are some considerations to make before choosing which professional payroll service your company should hire:

Company Size Matters

Your small business deserves personal attention and reliable customer service.

Large “big box” payroll providers naturally tend to focus their resources on the bigger client accounts. When a small business has a problem with payroll, getting the level of support you need to resolve the issue can be a frustrating experience.

Working with a payroll service provider that specializes in companies your size will naturally get you better support. Small business payroll providers also have the advantage of really understanding the issues small, local companies face. And in most cases they will have a more comprehensive knowledge of local regulations that impact payroll.

At ConnectPay, we specialize in delivering local, individualized attention to small businesses specifically. We ensure our clients have the resources and attention they need to keep payroll feeling invisible while also providing unparalleled support if and when issues do arise.

Reliable Access Matters

We’ve never met a customer who likes to wait on hold when they have a payroll issue. No one has ever said “this is my favorite music!” when they get the never-ending “we’re currently helping other customers” message.

Maintaining correct payroll records and delivering accurate payroll payments is crucial to your employees and your business. If there is a payroll error or you end up getting a letter from the IRS, you need immediate attention from a representative who knows your situation.

At a minimum, a small business-focused payroll provider should have a dedicated account representative for you to contact.

We take this idea one step further at ConnectPay.

With our “no voicemail during business hours” policy, you will be able to reach us when you need us. If you have an issue or question, you will get a helpful human on the phone during business hours. Period.

Business Connections Matter

There are quite a few business areas that “touch” payroll. One of the things our clients love about working with ConnectPay is our connection to business resources in their local area. We often connect our clients to our network of trusted local partners to assist them.

Being connected to trusted local business providers means our small business clients not only get the services they need, but when those services “touch” payroll, there is already a working relationship in place to make that integration really easy.

Security Matters

Cybersecurity is a serious concern, especially for small businesses. According to recent studies, three out of four small businesses say they are unequipped to address IT security. This is surprising considering that 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses, and 60% of small businesses go out of business after being hit with a cyberattack.

You have to make sure you’re working with experts who have the systems and protocols in place to protect your company. At ConnectPay, we regularly publish tips and information about cybersecurity best practices for our clients.

In most cases, cyberattacks are directed at the small businesses themselves. At ConnectPay, we follow strict protocols to protect against scenarios like these. We always call and confirm with the client directly before making any changes and send alerts when account information changes. We enforce multi-factor authentication while maintaining data backups and recovery systems. And, we regularly conduct security training and exercises.

Learn More: Data Security is Our Top Priority

Tax Support Matters

Dealing with payroll taxes can be complicated and stressful. Without a payroll tax specialist on hand, it’s easy to have payroll tax filings that go unpaid.

When outsourcing your payroll taxes, it’s vital to cover the basics of support. Making sure payments are handled correctly is first and foremost. The secondary consideration is the support you will receive if something goes wrong and you get a letter or penalty from the IRS.

When it comes to the first consideration, we decided to simplify payroll taxes at ConnectPay. Our team seamlessly handles all of your tax calculations, tax payments, and reporting obligations with our fully integrated payroll platform. This helps avoid miscalculations and late payments.

For the second, we give our clients a ‘no tax penalty or fee guarantee.’ If you get a penalty or fee notice from the IRS, we handle it. And if for any reason there is a payroll tax penalty, we pay it ourselves. Our clients will never have to pay a payroll-related tax penalty while working with us.

Onboarding Matters

Getting up and running with a new payroll service isn’t as easy as clicking a button. There are a lot of details to work out to make the transition go smoothly. That’s why we have a specialized onboarding team at ConnectPay. We take care of the heavy lifting, helping new clients get comfortable with our system and making the transfer of information as easy as possible. Once our new customer is onboarded, they're assigned a dedicated Payroll Specialist that they'll work with from then on out.

Want To Get Professional Payroll Service?

At ConnectPay, we know we’re not the best fit for every company. There are a lot of variables that determine which professional payroll service is the best fit for your small business.

But, if you’re looking to hire a professional payroll service, we can definitely help answer your questions and match you with the service you need. If you’re ready to get started, just schedule a meeting with one of our payroll representatives. We will answer your questions, figure out what kind of payroll services you actually need, and give you some recommendations to help you solve payroll for good.


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Published by ConnectPay July 27, 2021