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Jun 22, 2021 ConnectPay

Local Payroll Services: The Best Options for Small Businesses

Local Payroll Services: The Best Options for Small Businesses

You may find short-term savings, but the long-term needs of your small business require much more precise attention than “big-box” providers can offer. Small businesses have unique needs, especially when it comes to payroll services, and local payroll providers often solve those needs much better than huge big-box payroll services.

Let’s look at the best options for small businesses that want to work with a local payroll service provider.

Local Payroll Services for Small Businesses

Full disclosure, we are a local payroll service that specializes in serving small businesses. If you’re looking for a local provider, we may have an office in your area. If you want to skip to the end of the line, you can speak with a payroll specialist by scheduling a call with us today. Otherwise, keep reading to see why we consider local providers the best choice for small businesses. 

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Why Local Payroll Services?

Knowledge of Local Laws and Regulations

Local payroll providers will have a comprehensive understanding of your local laws and regulations. For instance, there are specific tax laws that only apply to the city of Manhattan. There are counties in Pennsylvania that have their own unique tax system, different from even their neighboring counties. 

Many big-box payroll services outsource their call centers to other countries, and we don’t believe this serves small businesses well. Local laws have nuances that require detailed considerations of which local experts always have more knowledge. 

That’s why at ConnectPay, we have a policy of no long-distance relationships. Having a local payroll provider who knows your specific area and your industry is essential. Without using local payroll services, you’re risking inaccurate payroll, tax adjustments, and compliance violations.

Access and Reachability

Developing an actual relationship with your local payroll provider makes an incredible difference when you have questions about your payroll. With a local payroll provider, you know your rep’s name. You will have someone who knows explicitly about your business and works with you personally to solve any issues. 

When things go wrong, or when there is a question, calling someone you know by name is much better (and faster) than getting the run-around, experiencing multiple transfers, and explaining your situation over and over to several different people. 

At ConnectPay, for example, we have a no voicemail during business hours policy. So when you call, you will reach one of our Connected Service Representatives who will personally take care of your payroll.  When working with a national payroll chain, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of customers,  where you end up having to re-explain your situation every time you call. 

Focus on Service

Big-box providers often focus their resources on larger accounts, and small businesses can easily get left by the wayside.

In our experience, small businesses usually get better service from a local provider. Local providers are more likely to be relationship-focused, and they go above and beyond because they genuinely care about their customers.

Local Connections

Payroll laws and regulations aren’t the only localized restrictions for businesses. Other professional services are impacted by local laws and regulations, which in turn affect your business. If you’re working with a local payroll provider, they should have reliable connections to trusted local advisors who can help you navigate 401(k)s, workers’ comp, and more.

At ConnectPay, we’ve seen how our clients benefit from switching to local professional services first-hand. We have relationships with a host of trusted local providers, like insurance brokers, local CPAs, and bookkeepers

We’ve had many happy customers who have saved thousands when we connect them to one of our recommended partners. For example, by working with a local insurance broker, you have someone who goes to bat for you and shops around for the best policy at an affordable rate.

Local Payroll Service Options for Small Businesses

Local payroll providers can impact your business in the best ways. ConnectPay has local offices in Massachusetts, Michigan, Connecticut, New York, and Florida. To speak to someone from your local ConnectPay office, check out our directory to get started.

To find other local payroll providers by you, we recommend searching through the Independent Payroll Providers Association (IPPA) database. By searching your zip code on IPPA, you’re going to find qualified, local payroll providers to choose from.

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Published by ConnectPay June 22, 2021