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Feb 02, 2021 ConnectPay

Small Business Spotlight: The Happy Chocolatier

“Some pursue happiness, others create it.” – Anonymous

Ten years ago, Paul McMahon embarked on his own pursuit for happiness, leaving his corporate job behind to enter the exciting world of chocolate. As a self-professed chocolate enthusiast, Paul’s objective with his new business was clear - he possessed an innate desire to spread chocolate happiness. Staying true to his vision, The Happy Chocolatier was born, opening a door of opportunity for Paul to craft happiness for others, molded from one-inch truffle Cubze of mouth-watering chocolate.

“I love chocolate. I’ve never brought someone a box of chocolate without getting a smile,” Paul says. “It inspired me to do something completely different and make a go of it.”

From sea salt to peanut butter or cookies and cream, the wide array of flavors that The Happy Chocolatier offers would be enough to delight even the toughest of critics. Yet, Paul wanted to take the idea of chocolate happiness a step further. Packaged like gifts and wrapped in a variety of bright colors to signify each flavor, every Happy Chocolatier truffle Cubze includes a written thought of happiness – whether it's words of wisdom or an inspiring quote – creating layers of joy within each confection.

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“Our story is a little different,” Paul admits. “We’re not just about chocolate, we’re about spreading happiness in chocolate.”

In fact, everything about The Happy Chocolatier’s products are purposely designed to enhance the happiness of their customers, from the gift box packaging to the size of the truffle Cubze themselves. Paul explains, “A one-inch cube is a big piece of chocolate and that’s by intent. It’s big enough to share the happiness with someone else, or you can eat the entire thing yourself!”

After spending most of his career in consumer products and technology, The Happy Chocolatier has been a refreshing and rewarding experience for Paul and his family. “It’s been very rewarding to build a small business from scratch,” he says. “Taking a vision and bringing it to life, and then having consumers buy into that vision – that success is very satisfying. Plus, the chocolate business is fun!”

The Happy Chocolatier truffle Cubze are currently available by mail order or wholesale, and can be easily ordered online or over the phone. With many different order combinations and sets to choose from, the truffle Cubze are a simple yet delectable gift to send to friends, family or colleagues, no matter the holiday or occasion.

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“During COVID, it’s been interesting,” Paul expresses. “It’s become a new type of business. Now, people are sending chocolates to their remote team to have a bit of a pick-me up and talk about the happy statements. It brings a little bit of joy to everyone.”

Yet, despite the pandemic, the Happy Chocolatier is still moving full speed ahead. “We’ll get through and come out on the other end. It’s been an interesting ride as a small business,” Paul confides. “But the one joy we get is when people email us or call in and say, ‘you just made my day.’ It shows we’re getting the job done and spreading the chocolate happiness.”

If you’d like your own piece of happiness, make sure to visit The Happy Chocolatier’s website or Instagram page. And check out their newest milk chocolate flavor when you’re there!

Published by ConnectPay February 2, 2021