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Jun 12, 2019 Matt Venuto

Why Use a Local Agent for Workers’ Comp Insurance? | ConnectPay

Why Use a Local Agent for Workers’ Comp Insurance? | ConnectPay

Why You Should Use a Local Agent to Buy Workers’ Compensation Insurance

When you’re looking for workers’ compensation insurance, it’s best to go “local.” A local insurance agent or broker can provide a policy that best meets your business needs and offers personalized attention that large carriers can’t match.

A good local agent…

  • Knows the market and pairs you with an insurance carrier that knows your industry.
  • Understands your needs and works closely with your carrier to make sure your business is protected.
  • Understands and handles all your claims and cases.
  • Understands fraud prevention and recognizes fraudulent activity.
  • Negotiates with your carrier over misclassification to save you money.
  • Offers solutions like surcharge reductions – putting money back into your business from any overcharges – and resolving misclassification that can cost your business money.

You don’t pay extra for this expert service—in fact, a local agent can often get you extra discounts and savings.

ConnectPay is happy to guide you in your journey of finding a good local broker who will work hard to serve your best interests. Contact us below to learn more or get a recommendation for a broker in your state.

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Published by Matt Venuto June 12, 2019