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Apr 26, 2018 ConnectPay

How To Simplify Employee Time Tracking Through Payroll | ConnectPay

How To Simplify Employee Time Tracking Through Payroll | ConnectPay

How To Simplify Employee Time Tracking Through Payroll

In this post, we take a look at 2 products, OnTheClock and ConnectPay, that integrate to benefit businesses with 1-150 employees. These products work together to simplify the lives of small business owners by making employee time tracking and payroll seamless.

What Is OnTheClock?

An online employee time tracking solution where small business owners (or managers) can monitor and track all things related to employee time.

The primary function of OnTheClock is the employee time clock solution.  The time clock can be accessed by the employee using a web browser or phone app.  Many employers are concerned about employees clocking in/clocking out from someplace other than work.  OnTheClock uses location controls such as IP, Geo-Fencing and device authorization.

Admins and managers can log into OnTheClock to view timesheets for employees from any location.  Timesheets can then be reviewed and easily adjusted if needed.  There is also a time card approval option where time cards can be marked as approved before being sent to payroll.  Employees can also view their personal timesheet using the OnTheClock app or by logging into the employee web portal.

There are many options to accommodate almost any employee PTO (paid time off) tracking scenario. An employees’ time off can be allotted annually or can accrue over time. Employees have the ability to request time off online or using the app, managers then receive notice of the request.  The time off request can be reviewed and acted upon by either approving or denying the time off request.  If approved, the PTO time is then added to the timesheet and the employee will get paid for the time.

What Is ConnectPay?

ConnectPay is a local payroll company with offices in 5 states, as well as an online payroll provider servicing all 50 states. ConnectPay is well suited for any small or medium sized business operating in the United States.

Simple and accurate payroll/payroll taxes is the primary goal of ConnectPay.  With features like autopay, you can setup your payroll process and be assured that employees get paid even if you are out of town.  Payroll taxes are another major concern for any business, if you do not have an in house payroll tax specialist, leave the taxes to the experts.

ConnectPay is about keeping their clients in compliance. One way to modernize your human resource operations is to take advantage of ConnectPay solutions to generate employee handbooks that provide your employees with the policies and procedures that will keep your company in compliance with all the state and local regulations.  As a business, you are also mandated to display labor law posters in your place of business for employees to view, ConnectPay offers clients these posters at no additional cost.

Workers’ Compensation is required by law for your business to operate. If you do not have the insurance in place, both the business and business owner could personally be at risk.  The experts at ConnectPay help demystify workers’ comp coverage and connect with an array of insurance carriers to ensure you get the best coverage at the best price.

How ConnectPay And OnTheClock Help Your Small Business

The first step towards paying your employees is tracking their time. The next step is getting the employee time sheets over to payroll. Here is where OnTheClock and ConnectPay shine together.

Employee time sheets can be directly sent to ConnectPay, which makes getting hours for payroll faster and more accurate.  Connecting your OnTheClock account with ConnectPay is very easy.  Once connected, customers will have the option to send hours to payroll with the click of a button. ConnectPay receives the employee timesheets and initiates the payroll process.

Join the hundreds of businesses enjoying stress free payroll days- with employee time tracking and payroll systems connected. For more information, connect with ConnectPay.





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Published by ConnectPay April 26, 2018