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Dec 03, 2020 ConnectPay

Meet Rob, Your Sales Rep

Meet Rob, Your Sales Rep

Rob knows payroll like the back of his hand. His journey in the industry began back in 2004, when he secured a job working for one of the largest big-box payroll providers in the country. However, as time went on, despite his passion for payroll, he felt like something was missing – he wanted more personalized and meaningful interaction with clients. It was once Rob joined ConnectPay that he finally found what he was looking for.

Rob conveys, “For me, it’s all about being a local small business like the clients we service. We answer the phone and we’re of service to our clients. You’re not just another number here. There’s a personal touch here to what we do.”

At ConnectPay, Rob settled into his sales role enthusiastically. “In sales, I love that I can control my own destiny. It gives me the ability to grow my own income.” He laughs and adds, “Outside of that, I’m competitive. I like to win.”

But to Rob, winning is much more than just hitting his sales numbers – instead, he believes client satisfaction is the root of true success.  

“When you get the feedback from a client that you truly help them get through a situation or help them in their day-to-day life… that’s the most rewarding part of sales,” Rob asserts. “When the client thanks you and truly appreciates what you did for them to make their business run better – that’s what’s real success is in my eyes.”

Even though Rob considers himself an introvert, a term that is not typically synonymous with sales, the relationships he builds with his clients allows Rob to continuously push himself every day. Despite his introverted nature, he faces each new client opportunity with excitement, his willingness to help small businesses overriding all else.

“Not every question I get is payroll related,” Rob continues. “I find that my clients come to me to help them in other areas of their business. I enjoy that. I like the consultative nature of sales.”

However, payroll isn’t Rob’s only passion. Outside of work, Rob is a proud father of three and an active member of his community. He’s the president of his town’s local baseball league and coaches both his son’s and daughter’s baseball teams. He also plays golf and the occasional softball game.

“Most of my time is dedicated to my kids, their sports and their activities,” Rob admits. “I’m just proud of what we’ve become as a family. My pride is with my family and my kids and what they’re growing up to be.”

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Published by ConnectPay December 3, 2020