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Sep 18, 2020 ConnectPay

Meet Lillian, Your Connected Rep | ConnectPay

Meet Lillian, Your Connected Rep | ConnectPay

If you’ve ever reached out to our team for assistance, there’s a large chance you’ve chatted with Lillian. As one of our experienced and insightful Connected Service Representatives, she continuously guides our clients with ease and understanding, working hard to solve their issues as they arise.  

But Lillian is so much more than a voice behind a phone or a signature on an email. She is a proud mother of two, a self-proclaimed thrill seeker, and a regular Home Depot garden-section shopper. She spends her weekends planning exciting excursions with her kids, from waterfall rappelling to ziplining across the Cape. Lillian recognizes the importance of facing ones fears and always encourages her children to be adventurous, leading the way by example. She constantly jumps in headfirst – literally  whether she’s diving off a cliff or parachuting off a plane.   

Yet, Lillian also knows when it’s time to unwind and relax. In her down time, Lillian tends to her green thumb and spends hours propagating and planting in her front yard. With skill and devotion, she has grown a flourishing garden at home 

In fact, there’s not a lot Lillian can’t do. While fully dedicated to her career at ConnectPay, in the midst of juggling parenthood and her impressive hobbies, she’s also on track to finish her master’s degree in Program Project Management at Capella University by the end of 2021. Inspired by her father who she describes as one that “never takes no for an answer, is very humble, and doesn’t give up easily,” Lillian fearlessly embraces every opportunity thrown her way.  

Andat the end of the day, Lillian is still the epitome of a people person. She joined ConnectPay a year ago because of her underlying passion for helping others. She is thrilled that she gets to spend every workday as a solutionist, listening to and resolving client requests. “This job is so much more than just payroll,” Lillian conveys. “I take customer service to heart because it’s the one thing that you can be yourself at. When I hear a customer laugh or smile, it just makes me happy.”  

Next time you’re looking for support, be rest assured that you’re in good hands with Lillian 

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Published by ConnectPay September 18, 2020