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Oct 06, 2021 ConnectPay

Meet Rachel Dindy

Meet Rachel Dindy

Rachel Dindy came to ConnectPay a year ago, in search of a career where she could embrace her analytical skills. When she first walked through ConnectPay’s doors, she immediately connected with the company culture. “It just seemed like a very happy environment here,” Rachel explains. “I feel like ConnectPay is a place that has a lot of energy and there’s a lot of joy in what we’re doing. People seem to genuinely want to be here.”

Now, as an administrative assistant who was recently promoted to Tax Specialist, Rachel has a hand in helping every department at ConnectPay thrive. Rachel conveys, “I love getting to feel like I can help people. I feel like I am providing a service that a lot of people need and I get to be a part of this organization that’s playing an important role in the community.”

Throughout her first year here, Rachel acknowledges how much she has grown, both personally and professionally. “I’ve learned about what I’m capable of and I have a lot more confidence in myself,” Rachel admits. “There’s a lot that I can do to help others. Nothing makes me feel better than when people say that I make them feel appreciated or valuable. I think that’s one of the most meaningful things someone can say to you.”

Along with her dedication to helping others, Rachel has developed an interest in the many art forms of communication. Rachel continues, “I’m most passionate about communication and the different ways that people have of reaching out to one another. I get to talk to a lot of people and communicate a lot and that comes out both in work and in my personal life.”

Rachel’s been experimenting with many different creative outlets outside of work, from scriptwriting to songwriting. “I get to use the two halves of my brain – I come to work and think more logically and deal with numbers and then I get to go home and be more creative. It’s a way to feel pretty balanced in what I’m doing.”

In fact, one of Rachel’s true passions is playwriting and she’s currently attending a graduate program on the subject. “When I was in college, I wrote a play that was produced by a small theater group and it awakened my interest in theater!” Rachel exclaims. “Once I left school, I decided I still wasn’t ready to stop being a student. So, I went back to school and decided to study playwriting as a parallel dream to what I’m doing now.”

Beyond playwriting, Rachel is also an avid folk music artist and has been playing the guitar and writing song lyrics since the age of thirteen. This past year, she even won an Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting award from the Great American Song Writing Contest.

“I have quite a few hobbies!” Rachel laughs. “I do calligraphy in the evenings - it’s a nice way to wind down the day. And I also enjoy making herbal teas for people. It’s a good way to keep in touch with your friends. I’ll make them a little herbal tea just to show them how much I appreciate them.”

At the end of the day, Rachel finds the most joy in building relationships with others. “I have a lot of great friends that I’m very lucky to have,” Rachel says warmly. “I’ve seen people go through some difficult times and come out of that and still be really strong and kind. I think everyone has the potential to inspire if you’re willing to listen.”

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Published by ConnectPay October 6, 2021