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Apr 29, 2022 Suzie Palucki

IRS Notice CP148 | Form 941

IRS Notice CP148 | Form 941

The IRS has been sending out Notice CP148, notifying some employers of an address change on their Form 941. While this tax notice has a simple fix, many employers are confused about what their next steps should be. Below we’ve broken down exactly why a small business owner may have received Notice CP148 and what they should do with it if they did. If you’re a CPA, we encourage you to share the information below with any clients who may need it!

What does it mean if a business receives a Notice CP148?

If the business address changes on Form 941 from the IRS’s records, the business owner will receive either Notice CP148A or Notice CP148B in the mail. Notice CP148A will be sent to the new business address while Notice CP148B will be sent to the former business address to ensure the notification is seen. If the address discrepancy is an issue of a slight variation, such as an abbreviation in one record and not the other, the business owner will receive BOTH the Notice CP148A or Notice CP148B.

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How serious is Notice CP148?

Don’t worry – this notice should not be of serious concern. If the address on Form 941 differs even just slightly (i.e. Street to St.) from the IRS’s records, you will more than likely receive one of these notices. The most important thing to do once you receive this notice is to verify that the new address listed is correct.  

What should you do if you receive a notice?

If the address listed on your notice is correct, then there is nothing left for you to do. However, if the address is incorrect, you will then need to fill out and file a change of address form, called Form 8822-B. You can download that form from the IRS website here

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Published by Suzie Palucki April 29, 2022