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Nov 18, 2021 Cheryl Cushman

HR Resource Center: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Free Trial

HR Resource Center: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Free Trial

Compliance is at the core of hassle-free payroll, which is why all new ConnectPay clients receive free trial access to our HR Resource Center! With tools designed specifically to protect your business, from confidential lawyer advice to an employee handbook builder, our HR Resource Center simplifies employee management and makes compliance a walk in the park.

But with so many resources at your fingertips, how do you know where to begin? We want you to get the most out of your free trial, so we’ve broken down some of the best tools our HR Resource Center has to offer. Give it a read, try out the program for yourself, and if at any time you have questions, we’re always here to help!


Live HR Chatline

Have an HR or employment-related question and need confidential advice? Our Live HR Chatline makes it easy to solve employment issues and protect your business. Available from 9AM to 6PM EST, Monday through Friday, you can chat with HR professionals and attorneys who have 20+ years of experience in the industry, getting answers to your HR and ERISA-related questions in real-time.

How to use the HR Chatline:

  • Click the “Get Answers” tab at the top of the homepage
  • Click “Ask Now” (or you can call the toll-free number listed and skip the steps below)
  • Select your Question Type
    • Topics include: HR and Employment, ERISA Healthcare, ERISA Retirement, or Emergency and Disaster
  • Fill out the questionnaire with your business information
  • Write and submit your question


Employee Handbook Builder

Whether you have one employee or a team of 50, an employee handbook is a must-have, but it can seem like an overwhelming task. From labor law updates to company policies and procedures, there’s a lot of vital information to pull together to keep your business and employees protected. However, our Employee Handbook Builder simplifies the task, using guided instructions, stock policies, and fill-in-the-blank questions to compile your handbook with ease.

How to use the Employee Handbook Builder:

  • Click the “Solutions” tab at the top of the homepage
  • Choose “HR and Employment”
  • Select “Handbook Builder” and then press “Launch Handbook Builder”
  • Follow the guided instructions to build your employee handbook to your specific needs


On-Demand Training Courses

Compliance training ensures you not only maintain more employees, but the right employees for the job. For all your compliance training needs, our HR Resource Center has a suite of online employee and management training courses, including sexual harassment prevention training, workplace violence prevention training, diversity training, cybersecurity training, and more.

How to use the On-Demand Training Courses:

  • Select the “Solutions” tab at the top of the homepage
  • Choose either “Emergency and Disaster”, “ERISA Health Care”, “ERISA Retirement” or “HR and Employment” (all options include online courses)
  • Click “Online Training” and then “Launch Online Training” to access your courses


Job Description Builder

Job descriptions should be simple and streamlined, conveying the right information to attract the right employees for the job. Our HR Resource Center has customizable templates so you can create eye-catching and informative job descriptions with just a few clicks of a button.

How to use the Job Description Builder:

  • Click on “Solutions” at the top of the homepage
  • Choose “Job Descriptions”
  • Search related job titles or start with a blank template
  • Customize the job description as needed!


Compliance Resources

Maintaining compliance doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Our HR Resource Center connects you to the federal and state-specific resources you need to stay compliant, from HR and employment law topics to emergency and disaster information. If your business extends beyond state lines, there’s also a state-by-state regulation tool that makes it easy to keep track of differing policies.

How to use your Compliance Resources:

  • Click on the “Resources” at the top of the homepage


Ready to take compliance to the next level? Log in to your HR Resource Center account to get started!


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Published by Cheryl Cushman November 18, 2021