Save Time. Make Money.

When you sell your payroll book of business to ConnectPay, you’ll have more time to focus on being the best advisor to your clients.

You’ll also gain the peace-of-mind of knowing that your clients’ payroll is in good hands with our team of professionals who will get it done right.

We offer competitive rates and a variety of ways to transition your payroll clients to our platform.

Why CPAs sell to ConnectPay



ConnectPay offers competitive rates to CPAs who choose to sell their payroll work. Plus, you’ll be able to redirect your time  to more profitable services. Finally, you can continue to earn commissions through our referral program. Every time a client you refer after the initial sale runs payroll, you’ll receive a commission.


As laws and policies change, payroll processors face more liability in the event something goes wrong or a mistake is made. Selling your payroll book to ConnectPay means your clients will be working directly with professionals and a platform that keeps up with the state and Federal changes and ensures payroll is done right.


Much like taxes, one of the only things you can count on is that payroll has to be run, sometimes as frequently as every two weeks. When tax time, vacations, holidays and other client work comes around, you can’t push off payroll to a more convenient time. Taking payroll off your plate gives you more flexibility with how you spend your time.

Thinking about transitioning your payroll business?

Ways we can work together:


We love CPAs!

Your clients don’t need the Big 4 and they don’t need the big payroll companies.

Business owners are best served when their company is a valued client. At ConnectPay, we only serve small businesses, so every client is a valued client, and they get treated that way. 

Every client has a CPA and every CPA matters to us.

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