Restaurant Payroll Services

We know that servicing customers and keeping staff happy is the top priority for restaurant owners. A restaurant payroll company needs to offer seamless transitions when setting up payroll for staff with scheduling that accounts for multiple earning codes covering tips and overtime. That’s why so many restaurants utilize ConnectPay’s comprehensive solutions for their complex payroll needs.


Through ConnectPay’s targeted outreach and expertise, many restaurant owners have come to rely on our specialized small business services.

Our unique connected model: a combination of user-friendly technology tools, first-name-basis human support, and broker/network integration, is geared toward saving you time and money.

All of the expertise, compliance, and technology solutions of the national payroll brands, with the added benefits of local, personalized service, and none of the overzealous sales calls pushing additional services.

  • Automatic Payroll & Taxes

    If you want to set it and forget it, we are here to provide automated, cloud-based payroll and updated compliance services to keep your books running smoothly.

  • Responsive Service Representative

    If you want hands-on service or a human touch, our long-standing, dedicated payroll experts are at your call to answer any question or fix any problem.

  • Employee Self-Service

    Online payroll software, mobile payroll app, and On-The-Clock digital time and attendance make logging hours, getting paid, and running reports fast and easy.

  • Connected Partnerships

    Our connected model allows you to keep your broker of record as we integrate payroll with their service model and connect to further money saving benefits.

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