ConnectPay and the Retailers Association of Massachusetts

We know that participating in the Retailers Association of Massachusetts (RAM) program is a great way to gain exclusive member savings on services and programs.

That’s why ConnectPay and Cove Risk have partnered with RAM to bring additional benefits to members—including the Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation and Payroll program.

Stronger Together: Why Connected Payroll Works

3 reasons why a RAM membership can boost your bottom line: 

1.) Discounted payroll processing and workers’ comp. 

RAM members receive 30% savings on payroll processing from ConnectPay,  and can enroll in “pay-as-you-go” workers’ comp from Cove Risk, developed specifically for small businesses like yours. 

2.) Political clout. 

It’s the power of many versus the power of one—you have more influence on state legislative initiatives through RAM’s advocacy efforts. As the voice of Commonwealth retailers, RAM represents member interests before all branches of state government in an effort to protect and promote Massachusetts’ thriving retail sector.

3.) Continuing education. 

Learn best practices or spot emerging industry trends through RAM-sponsored workshops and networking opportunities. You can share ideas and pick up new ones—there’s always the possibility that another business owner can relate to your particular problem and offer a solution.

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A better way to pay for Workers’ Comp premiums while saving 30% every year with Cove Risk Insurance.

With this payment plan, your business pays the correctly calculated amount through payroll at every pay period. We’ve found that this method creates consistently better cash flow while alleviating the end of year headache of a detailed audit.

“I’m very pleased we switched to your Connect-Comp program. Not only is my client service rep responsive, I’m saving a lot of money on Workers’ Comp insurance.

Ed Penta, McKinnon’s Market

Integrate Payroll & Workers' Comp

Get the financial flexibility of Pay As You Go Workers' Comp seamlessly integrated with ConnectPay's payroll platform. Ready to unlock these benefits? 


When you connect with us, you’ll get:

  1. An expert guided business review to identify gaps and opportunities in your payroll process.
  2. Tailored connections and optimizations so your business operations flow seamlessly
  3. 7-day premium onboarding with Connected Rep guidance and support

Get connected with a payroll representative.