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The ConnectPay Model

What sets ConnectPay payroll services apart from our competitors is a fundamental difference in how we view client relationships.

Many payroll professionals treat payroll as just a starting point to gain access to your businesses insurance, retirement plan, and workers’ comp needs—more interested in overselling services than actually meeting the requirements or know-how of any of the support they promise. At ConnectPay, we are experts in payroll and tax processing alone, and we fight to deliver uncompromising payroll support to small and mid-sized businesses, like yours.


We know from experience that additional products, like health insurance, retirement savings, and workers’ compensation all require proven, specialized guides to best serve your goals. Whether you have existing relationships with brokers and advisors, or are looking for new connections to certified specialists, buying insurance and HR package solutions individually can lower costs, increase coverage, and make your retirement savings go farther.

ConnectPay acts as the glue that binds and integrates your payroll data with all of these additional services, utilizing either your own trusted relationships or introducing you to our network of cost saving partners. You wind up with the best of both worlds—ease of use combined with the best solution for your business.


The Connected Payroll Model delivers a tailored combination of advanced technology tools, localized opportunity partnering, seamless integration with your network, and first-name basis support on a mission to save you time and money.

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