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We saved over $17,000 that first year

                                                                  - Bob Citrullo, Executive Director, The Humane Society of Harford County

FREE Payroll and Tax Compliance Review

Let our experts pinpoint where you can save time, money, and stress in your payroll.

Our free consultation helps you:

  • Discover areas you’re overpaying, like HR and Workers' Comp
  • Identify gaps in your processes that cost hundreds of hours a year
  • Uncover local regulatory issues that impact your business

"We started saving almost immediately. And by automating the timeclock process, we didn’t have to track down employees. We saved over $17,000 that first year when we switched to the new system. As a nonprofit, it’s very, very important that we keep our finances in check. This helps us feel confident in our future and ways that we can grow as an organization.”

- Bob Citrullo, Executive Director, The Humane Society of Harford County


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Get connected with a payroll representative.

Stop accepting the bare minimum
from your payroll and HR solutions.

The IRS’s legal jargon is designed for complexity, and that’s enough to cause businesses to be wary.
The cost of staying with an inadequate service is often more than the cost to change providers.
One-size-fits-all solutions don’t meet your specific needs, and often lose sight of local regulations.

There are two potential outcomes to booking a call with our Payroll Experts:

Outcome 1:

We uncover areas you’re overpaying, losing time, dealing with inadequate services, or toeing regulatory issues. Then you take that info and can structure a plan of action.

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Outcome 2:

Our experts find no issues with your payroll. We spend 30 minutes confirming your current payroll process and package is flawless, and you can sleep easy at night.

Why These Business Owners Chose ConnectPay for Their Payroll Needs

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My payroll evaluation and compliance review with ConnectPay saved me from $4200 in IRS penalties with IRS code section 125 and simplified my workers comp policy integration. Their pay-as-you-go comp changed my cash flow and eliminated year-end surprises. Thank you, ConnectPay!

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Rick Hetherington
Autobahn Performance, Peabody, MA
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We saved $1200 a year on Workers’ Comp for my dry cleaning business after going through the ConnectPay payroll review with Ryan. He connected us with the Retailers Association of Massachusetts, Cove Risk Insurance, and together with ConnectPay our savings were phenomenal!

Paul Koutris
Sun Ray Cleaners

One company can’t do it all. And running payroll is just one cog in the wheel. Book a call to see how connecting with local experts can improve your business.

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