ERC & PPP2 Updates

Learn if you qualify, how to apply, how much money you could receive, and more!

Recent updates to COVID-relief programs offer vital opportunities to small businesses, these changes also make it harder to understand what your next steps are. Learn important information you need to know about PPP2, Loan Forgiveness and the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) right now.

PPP2- Who Is Eligible & How To Apply

Join Drew and Matt from ConnectPay for a walk through the new PPP2.

You may be wondering if your business is eligible for a Second Draw PPP loan or to apply for the first time for PPP2. Join us to walk through the changes and common questions surrounding PPP2. We'll also review how to fill out the application form 2483.

PPP Forgiveness Updates January 2021

Did you hear the news? The SBA announced new updates to PPP Loan Forgiveness- and it's easier than before! Our latest webinar will teach you what’s changed, how to fill out your forgiveness forms and the best way to identify your covered period. We’ll also let you in on a proven success strategy to ensure your forgiveness applications are approved.

How To Apply for PPP Forgiveness

Join us to walk through a step-by-step guide to how to calculate your covered periods, which form is right for your business, and how to fill out the PPP Loan application forms. Be sure to download the Covered Period Worksheet to follow along!

Quick Links
and Guidance

Quick Links to Forgiveness Forms

Click the green links to access the forms.

3508S - Loans of $150,000 or less. Updated 1/19/21

3508EZ - Did not reduce salaries by more than 25%. Form updated 1/19/2021.

3508 - All other loans. Updated 1/8/2021


Guidance From The SBA

Click the green links to access the websites.

PPP Forgiveness: 7 Key Topics to Understand

SBA - Recovery Hub

Worksheets to Download

Click the green links below to download these helpful resources.

24 Week Covered Period Worksheet

Gain insight into figuring out your Covered and Alternative Covered periods.

Step by Step Application Guidance

AICPA Guidance Worksheet


The second round of PPP Loans has changed a lot of the rules. Click HERE for an overview of which businesses are eligible.



PPP Loan Forgiveness:
Where Are We Now?

Recorded November 10th, 2020

Did you miss our latest webinar? Watch on-demand to learn about the PPP Loan and how changes may affect your business. Download the slides HERE.

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