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Practical Insights To Supercharge Your Workers' Comp Plan

Workers' compensation can be a headache. The plans aren't always straightforward and miscalculations can be pricy. 

But with the right knowledge base, workers' comp doesn't have to be intimidating. 

This class covers the ins and outs of workers' comp, showing you the best ways to reduce your premium, maximize your cash flow and protect your small business! 

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Gain expert knowledge in:

✔️ Workers' Comp Basics

What is workers' compensation? How do workers qualify? Why should business owners care? You'll get answers to these questions and more.

✔️ Workers' Comp Premiums

To set your budget, you'll need to understand how Workers' Compensation plans are priced. We'll walk you through all the variables that affect your premiums.

✔️ Calculating Workers' Comp

Get your calculators out, we're going to do some math. We'll show you how to calculate your estimated premium from scratch.

✔️ Budgeting for Workers' Comp

Should you pursue pay-as-you-go workers' comp or lump-sum payments? What are the benefits and downsides? We'll cover all of it.

✔️ Expert Intel

Learn the ins and outs of Workers' Compensation from the experts at ConnectPay!