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Every 90 days, forty new RAM members save an on-going $64,000 in payroll expenses each year

ConnectCompSM powered by ConnectPay is a fully integrated Workers’ Comp payment program with Cove Risk and the Massachusetts Retailers Merchants Workers’ Compensation Group.

experts cost nothing and can save you a bundle

You don't pay more or less with a broker so why go brokerless?

Workers’ Compensation is required insurance, mandated by each state with specific coverages. We help you make sure your business only pays the required insurance premiums by avoiding mistakes like improperly classified workers, and disorganized payroll records.

Purchasing Workers’ Comp directly from industry specific carriers can deliver significant savings whereas buying from your payroll provider can leave you without an advocate should an accident occur.

Insurance is complicated. Use an insurance broker with experience in safety policies, fraud protection, and back-to-work policies to help keep your rates low.

If you need a referral to a qualified broker, simply let us know.

Broker-Friendly, Flexible Payroll That Automates Workers' Comp

keep cash in your pocket longer

Our technology calculates workers’ compensation expenses each pay period, so you only pay premiums as you pay your employees, instead of pre-payment.

Payments are deducted from the actual processed payroll, reducing deposits, pre-payments, installment bills and finance charges. You’ll also reduce audits, audit adjustments and additional premium requirements.


Control experience modification factor before it controls you

Tips to Manage your Mod Rate

It’s important to manage your Experience Modification Factor because if your rate goes up, your business is charged an additional premium for a period of 3 years. If a claim is fraudulent, both your MOD rate and your premiums go up accordingly for, once again, 3 years.

Four ways to avoid MOD rate increases:

1. Report injuries immediately to your insurance agent*. Let your agent contact the insurance company. The primary goal is to make sure the injured worker receives the proper treatment to return to health and work as quickly as possible. When this process is followed, the possibility of fraud is less likely.

2. Investigate every injury by gathering information quickly. Facts fade quickly and people forget. The more you learn about how an injury occurred, the more you can do to prevent it from happening again.

3. Train supervisors how to handle injuries**, and if necessary, the supervisor should accompany the worker to the medical facility and remain communicative with the worker during recuperation.

4. Help employees understand workers’ compensation is an employee benefit no different from healthcare coverage. One covers them when they are sick and the other when they are injured. Make it known that workers’ comp fraud is a crime, which your company will report to authorities.

*Ask your insurance agent to review loss runs and the medical bills carefully to confirm services reflect mandated medical care protocols.

**Be alert to “Monday morning” accidents. When investigated, they may be found to have occurred over the weekend.

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