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Winthrop Marketplace Testimony

An important objective in running a successful business is partnering with vendors whose products and services go beyond the expected. ConnectPay is one such vendor. I initially engaged ConnectPay because they are the official payroll provider for RAM. First, they offered a more competitively priced solution than our previous provider. We used part of the savings to replace our old time card system with a biometric (finger based) punch clock.

The system’s time and attendance feature is web-based, so staff can check how many hours they have worked from their phone. Supervisors receive a daily notification of the previous day’s activity, so they can promptly address attendance issues or mis-punched data. Next, once payroll is accepted, the data are auto-loaded into the payroll platform thereby saving time and money by not having to re-key it. All of this can be done offsite via the web. The new time and attendance feature keeps payroll records and allows for ACA testing reports. The impact of improved accuracy cannot be overstated. We continue to save time, improve accuracy, and better manage our employees.

Finally, ConnectPay has fostered a solid business relationship with us by providing excellent customer service. They stand by their product, respond quickly to inquiries, and genuinely care about helping us improve workflow. As a long term member of the Retailers Association, I want to thank them for selecting ConnectPay, and I want to share my positive experience with my fellow members.

Marc Wallerce,
Winthrop Marketplace

For more information about the Massachusetts Retailers Association, please call Joe Barnes, RAM Business Development Director at 617-478-7430 or email

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House Republicans Release ACA Replacement Plan

A Policy Brief describes House Republicans approach to replacing the Affordable Care Act

On February 16, 2017, Republican leadership reiterated their goals of repealing the ACA and implementing a replacement plan aimed at providing more choices, lower costs and greater control for consumers over their health care.

Impact on Employers

Employers should continue to comply with the ACA requirements that remain intact for now, knowing efforts are underway to change the law’s key provisions.

Click here for the policy brief overview that provides valuable insight into how many aspects of the current health care system could be impacted.

ConnectPay will continue to monitor these developments and provide updates as necessary. Click here for more information.


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