An Easy Switch to Streamline Payroll and Save on Workers’ Compensation

Retailers – Are you looking for a better way to pay your Workers’ Comp premiums while saving 30% every year with Cove Risk? ConnectPay can deliver.

Pay-As-You-Payroll* with workers’ comp from Cove Risk offers you a smarter, more innovative alternative. With this payment plan, your business pays the correctly calculated amount through your payroll paychecks at every pay period. This method creates better cash flow while alleviating the end of the year headache of a detailed audit.

Pay-As-You-Payroll Benefits:

  • Reduced audit surprise
  • Increased business cash flow
  • Accurate payment, not an estimation
  • More opportunity for savings
  • Consistent income statements

The Pay-As-You-Payroll with Cove Risk Workers’ Compensation program is now one of the premium benefits that comes with joining the Retailers Association of Massachusetts.

“I’m very pleased we switched to your Connect- Comp program. Not only is my client service rep responsive, I’m saving a lot of money on Workers’ Comp insurance.” ~ Ed Penta McKinnon’s Market

If your business could use the financial flexibility of Pay-As-You-Payroll, ConnectPay can seamlessly integrate it into your payroll. Get Connected or call 781-941-6107.

And if you could benefit from this and other advantages that you’d receive as a RAM member, click here to join the ranks of that growing network of like-minded retailers.

*Approved by Mass Retail Workers’ Compensation Group

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