CEO Michael Young Speaks at Employee Navigator User Conference

Connecting Benefits and Payroll:  The Time is Now

Bethesda, MD – June 23, 2016: Michael Young, CEO of ConnectPay, presented at the Employee Navigator User Conference on the payroll services industry and its integration with HR and Benefits solutions.

Held at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, the over 500 attendees included insurance professionals, brokers, carriers, account managers, producers and agency owners, as well as vendor partners.

Young’s presentation emphasized why payroll is unlike any benefit a broker has ever touched. The focus of the presentation was how the shared economy has changed the industry models as API’s leapfrog past all-in-one solutions. As the market direction shifts towards connectivity, insights about size, pace and geography impact the ecosystem. Young’s research into the small business marketplace specifically, and the US business marketplace as a whole, brought many relevant facts to light. For instance, over 93% of US businesses have less than 50 employees. This vital fact was not lost on the attendees at the User Conference.

How Payroll Impacts the HR & Benefits Industry

The presentation included actual strategies and results found in the records of publicly held payroll service companies, backed by evidence found in their financial documents. Young provided substantial information on trends that would impact the HR and Benefits industry and how they relate to payroll today and for years to come.


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